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Friday, April 1, 2011


Yes, that says it all! OH MY GAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
I am so ready for SPRING and I for real cannot take anymore of this NASTY, COLD weather! I am going to go N U T S O here!
While I'm on a funny rampage of feelings this moment, I am so ready to get out of town and long for some different scenery....in the all time WORST way EVER! I need to feel the wind in my hair,  feel the sun on my face, blah, blah, blah- you get the point. I need to not feel smothered by same old (fill in the blank) different day scenarios and feel FREEDOM!!!!!
I am excited for this spring/summer, though. I know there are amazing things in store. I think I've got a very bad case of SPRING FEVER and need to get it under control FAST (I don't know what's up with me capitalizing everything in my blogs this week...I'm feeling very BIG in OPINION I guess, LOL).....
Until then, HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!! I've got to get out and about (with my best Canadian accent) ASAP before I have to be committed or found hovering in a fetal position in the far corner of the shoe isle at the local Walmart, LOL.... yes, I know, it is my fault (sort of) for not going to Huntington since January 2010 or to Lexington KY since early January....Wayan's work schedule is brutal for family life (as he works Saturdays and 2nd shift during the week)...GOD knows we are BLESSED to both have good jobs, just wish we could have more time together. I'd like to see him more than an 1 1/2 of awake time a day....
OK, I digressed..I was talking about Wayan's schedule and how we don't go anywhere...our weekends consist of a Sunday (unless I work a Saturday and off on Monday- that gives us 2 days together) and that day is spent doing laundry, cleaning house, and our weekly grocery store trip....YAWN!!!!
I've done and said enough this blog in thought, through my eyes and mind I am needing some SUN, Warmth, Flat Land, Different Food, and to Enjoy My Sukedana's (Wayan and Aiden)....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Busy Life

Oh BOY have I been busy, and there's no sign in sight it will be letting up soon! Coming up? We've got Prom weekends in April/May, an April Wedding, April Fund Raiser (Wyatt's Wishing Well), and sports season coming up! Woo Hoo!!
Prom? I will be collaborating with a local photographer, Amy Fyfe Music on this. We have AN AMAZING backdrop created and IT WILL BE STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited as it can get with this one. We played around with the lighting and have it so ready to go. If you want an appointment for prom session, please contact me on facebook or on my website (www.rhiannonsukedanaphotography.com) for details! Amy had this idea and I am not kidding, you, my friends, will be loving this creation and the prom portraits that will be created with this.
Sports? I have already been asked to attend several games for action photography and I AM SO EXCITED! I LOVE this time of year!!! I love watching the youth play baseball and softball and see them at their best! I offer a CD so you can get up to 10 images for one low price- $30!!! That is IT! Also, I have prints to offer with that as well (for a little extra).
Weddings? I've got April 9th and June 4th booked and LOADS of inquiries this summer already. so if you are interested, PLEASE let me know ASAP. I have 3 standard plans but will happily customize a package for you and your wants and needs. I'm experimenting with photo books as well to possibly add to the package (as I know they can be a headache for YOU, I want to find an awesome one for YOU to be HEADACHE free!LOL).
Portraits? Its going to be getting gorgeous outside (I have a feeling it will be soon!LOL....at least it better be) and I LOVE shooting outdoors for portraits. That is my forte.
I've got a beautiful baby boy who will be turning 1 year old in May and OH MY GOSH how the time HAS FLOWN BYE TOO QUICK! He's amazing me everyday with his new adventures, accomplishments, and with his likes and dislikes. I also love how he adores WOW WOW WUBSY as well as he adores me...I'm so happy I have a number one fan like him, LOL. I hope I can always remember the way he loves me now and how the world stops for him when I come home from work so he can give me lovin' and want to be right there in my face. I hate being away from him so much but GOSH it is such an honor to have love like that in my life...
More to come later- hopefully will be uploading more photos this weekend to share!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quality of Life...

These past few years here in Eastern Kentucky have been an adjustment. Since leaving here in 1997, being away in Morehead for 5 years and coming back...and then back out again in 2003 to see the world with the Cruise Ship career and returning in 2007, it has been an adjustment.
I wanted so much to be back home, after swearing I'd never return. I missed so much about beautiful Eastern Kentucky, that I cried for it. I cried for my family, my home, my pets, my life I missed so much on back at home. Then, once I returned home, with my husband in toe, I still have to question, "What is my life? Is this my life I am to live?" I feel so trapped at times.
I dreamed of picking back up on friendships I kept in touch with through the years with weekly phone calls (when I was back in The States) and through Myspace (did not have Facebook until AFTER I moved back to KY) but once I came home, it was different. My best friends from child hood have all moved away...I helped see off my friend Kelli as she moved to Frankfort and here I am, with my husband, trying to find our place here in Eastern Kentucky. Heck, my college friends (who I shared at least 5 years with) live in central KY. I moved back here because I felt it was best. I missed home. I also moved back home to help my parents and to be there for them as health has not been the best for the two of them. I also wanted to be there with them and to be with my grandmother, who just passed away last month. I moved back to be part of my niece and nephew's lives as I missed so much in the 4 years I was out of the country. Thank God they still loved me (and still do). I felt this was what I needed to do...
Since having my son, I have came to realize that I am not sure. I'm sure about having him, LOL, but not sure about my place here in East Kentucky. I feel trapped. I feel lost. Although I have friends here, they've all gotten used to me not being here so much and have adapted to their lives, friend circles, play dates, etc... without me. And with my friends who have babies all within months and weeks of Aiden's birthday, I still don't see them. They too are busy with their families and loving family time and being able to grasp this first year with their little ones. Aiden still doesn't get to meet other babies and has only met 4 since he's been on this Earth...God knows he would love them and enjoy the social interaction. I want that for him, I want him to love other kids, learn to share, play, etc.... I totally understand, everyone is too busy. I'm too busy?- After 5pm rolls around, I feel exhausted from the stresses from work alone and to come to mom and dad's to pick Aiden up and do the bedtime routine alone is sad. I feel I am cheating my son of a joyous, family. I feel I am cheating him of a joyous and energetic mother. I'd give anything to be able to afford to be home with him at least part time and to have work schedule along with my husband so we would BOTH be home together in the evenings and be a FAMILY. No matter what you think, it is stressful for me.
I can't help but wonder "What if?" What if we did live in Central Kentucky? What would our lives be like? Would my son be happy? Would we? What kind of life would we have? Would he have friends? Would we? How would our home life be? Would our pets be happy? Would my family be mad? Would I feel smothered still? Would I still feel lost? Would we be healthier?....gosh, I don't know. I just don't know. But for now, I'm feeling lost, smothered, confused, longing for a happy life for my son....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Shot at Boudoir...

I ventured outside of my range of photography this weekend and shot my first Boudoir Session. Need I remind you that the client and I both are not 'kinky' people and I have no desire to shoot provocative style photography. SO, we made this tasteful and classy. It was fun! She had several changes of clothes for this and I experimented with natural lighting, reflector, soft box (without use and with use of strobe flash) as well as using a few other things.
I must say, I am impressed with my idea and the shoot itself. It was comfortable and before the shoot was over, I felt I have known the client all my life!
I am not revealing her name or face, but, she is a wonderful gal and I cannot wait to hear what her fiance thinks!
Here are a couple to share with you from this shoot...

When reviewing these with the client, she was SO HAPPY! She is beautiful and for her to truly see that, I felt my job is done :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wyatt's Wishing Well... You can help us!

Yes! It is set to go! Now, preparations to be made. Folks reading this, you are getting a killer deal for some great photography while helping an amazing family.

All money raised for this event will go solely to the Carcione family (with the exception of our print costs) and it warms my heart so much to use my photography ability to help out a dear friend.

I cannot say enough of how blessed I am to work with such an incredible group of women. It is wonderful that we all have this passion: to help make things a little easier and to help out. We have big ideas for this and it is up to the public to help is succeed. We aren't the only ones in this. It includes EVERYONE who prays for them, talks to them, reads the blogs, says hello on Facebook, and we each can contribute either by helping or with monetary contribution.

If you want to help or would like to donate, contact us!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mini-Session Fund Raiser Event for Wyatt's Wishing Well- APRIL 9th!

Well, I am happy to say the group of amazing women that I have been collaborating with in order to come up with a plan to raise assistance and support for sweet baby Wyatt and his family and it is April 9th. Location? I am now at 95% sure it will be at Destination Community Church (aka DCC) here in Prestonsburg. THINGS COULD STILL CHANGE so this is not set in stone (until you see the flyers that will be posted on here, facebook, my website, Deana's site, etc). Unfortunately, I will be there in the beginning to help set up and shoot a few sessions, if possible, go to shoot a wedding a bit of an hour away and then return to hopefully shoot the last bit of the event (and April 9th is my birthday!!!) and this would make a great way to celebrate my birthday :)
Let's pray we can raise enough to make a BIG difference as Wyatt is not out of the woods and we still need to keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.
So here's the information so far:
Wyatt's Wishing Well Fundraising Mini-Session Event
April 9th, 2011 starting at 9am in Prestonsburg, KY
Appointments, please call: Lea@ 606-226-4301 & 606-769-0023
If you cannot attend or do not have a child to be photographed, we will have baked goods for purchase AND graciously take donations towards this fund :)
This is SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prayers going out to baby Wyatt

See that sweet face? His name is Wyatt Carcione from Nashville, TN. I grew up with his mother, Amanda, and have known her at least 28 years and she has to be the most wonderful, warm, kind sole around.
Wyatt was born with Polands Syndrome (more on Polands Syndrome at: http://www.polands-syndrome.com/) Please refer to that website as well as her blog (addressed above) for more information on this 'condition' as she put it...
Please, everyone, keep this baby boy in your thoughts, prayers, prayer chains, etc and his parents, Mike and Amanda, so he may be healed and recover to grow big and strong. The facebook world has heard our voices and this AM there are hundreds of people changing their profile pics to this sweet face of Wyatt's in an effort of warm encouragement and to let his family know we love them and pray for strength and the doctors to be the instrument from God to heal. At this moment, he is undergoing a surgery to help him with breathing more efficiently and expell his inhaled air. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are praying for them around the world! Please, check out his mother's blog at http://www.abcintennessee.blogspot.com/ it is incredible and so wonderfully written. As a mother, I can only imagine what she faces and as a mother who's had her own personal battles, I am so weak compared to this unbelievable strengths of Amanda. She is the strongest woman I know and Amanda, I am so proud of you and I love you. You are MY hero and role model-mommy.
We are currently creating a fundraiser in the immediate near future for this incredible little man and his family and it will be a Photography Mini-Session. Angie Goodman and I will be working on outdoor mini-sessions in Prestonsburg while Deana Johnson and Shawna Brown will do studio set up in Pikeville. We've got an amazing team of women working on this and more new will follow! Please stay posted and be ready to contribute! ALL procedes will go to this cause!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PPD...We Need More Support Out There!

Yes, world, in case you haven't noticed, I have PPD. I hate that but, it is what it is. I'm dealing with it. I realize it. I hate it.
During my pregnancy, it was perfect. I had perfect health, perfect skin, perfect hair, I felt GREAT and Aiden was perfect. Delivery? Perfect! I went into early labor at work on a Friday morning, got admitted into the hospital that evening. Started all the delivery procedures (IV, fluids, pitocin water breakage, etc) and slept through most of my labor all day Saturday. I was very scared that day...actually, the fear struck me a few weeks before that. The moment I was told I was being admitted, it scared me to tears. I knew that little life inside me was going to be born and I had NO IDEA ON HOW TO CARE FOR A BABY!... at 31 years of age...yes, I was scared of that baby.
Anyhow, delivery was great and then started the crying. I was SO THANKFUL and SO BLESSED to have such a perfect baby boy. He was born at 5:02pm on 5/15/2010 at 7 pounds, 7 ounces 17 1/2 inches long. He was and still is perfect.
I cried all night that Saturday. Holding him, I cried...I cried because his clothes did not fit him. I cried because I was breast feeding and he did a great job. I cried because he had such a sweet little butt, I cried because he had my ears. I cried over everything! I even cried because his cry was so sweet and precious! It was the cry I had always wanted to hear and could not imagine that day would come.
I did not leave my hospital room AT ALL while I stayed there. I don't know why. I started getting upset over a lot of things. I felt trapped and scared. I felt afraid someone would leave me alone with him as I was afraid I would not know what to do. I was afraid my husband wouldn't look at me the same...I was scared.
I was crying when I met Aiden's pediatrician and sobbed when he was circumcised. I could not stop crying...especially when he was gone for a long period of time and I hadn't connected with the day shift nurses the day I was discharged. I was one crying bag of hormones.
After coming home, I was more scared and THANK GOD my mom was there...and stayed each night for almost 2 months. I scared my husband and he became distant. He was not used to this depressed woman he married as I have always been such a happy person...so bubbly and amused over anything. He would go out to walmart, grocery store and bring back anything that he thought would make me happy...I would cry.
Doctor started me on meds for PPD and I could still breastfeed. I had gone to counseling and counseling wasn't helping. It was hard to be fit in and honestly, it just didn't seem helpful (and I am a psychology person and I know that this wasn't going to work with this place). We have NOTHING here to help us with issues like this (PPD) here in Eastern KY. Why?
Here I am, 10 months after birth of my fantastic, gorgeous, perfect baby boy whom I love more than life itself and would do ANYTHING to protect him...still feeling like a miserable person at times and inside. I can't remember to take my Zoloft half the time and I am stressed. I can't sleep. I feel like a bad momma. I know I'm not a bad momma, but I feel bad. At times, I would feel (and still feel this way at times) that Aiden deserves better and should have better...as does my husband- he deserves a strong, warm loving wife like used to have. I know Aiden and Wayan both deserve a happy mommy and wife and I need to get it together and by placing my medication (and prenatal vitamins) by the coffee maker, I am reminded each morning to take them!

Postpartum Depression is not a light hearted issue. IT IS REAL and NEEDS ATTENTION!

I found this on the Mayo Clinic Website (as it is also in the DSM IV):


Postpartum depression may appear to be the baby blues at first — but the signs and symptoms are more intense and longer lasting, eventually interfering with your ability to care for your baby and handle other daily tasks. Postpartum depression symptoms may include:

■Loss of appetite
■Intense irritability and anger
■Overwhelming fatigue
■Loss of interest in sex
■Lack of joy in life
■Feelings of shame, guilt or inadequacy
■Severe mood swing
■Difficulty bonding with the baby
■Withdrawal from family and friends
■Thoughts of harming yourself or the baby
Untreated, postpartum depression may last for a year or more.

When to see a doctor
If you're feeling depressed after your baby's birth, you may be reluctant or embarrassed to admit it. But it's important to call your doctor if the signs and symptoms of depression:
■Don't fade after two weeks
■Are getting worse
■Make it hard for you to care for your baby
■Make it hard to complete everyday tasks
■Include thoughts of harming yourself or your baby
Getting early treatment for postpartum depression can speed your recovery.

I have opened up on this today because we need some better support here in Eastern KY. We need more than a therapist who can only see you every month and a half (because of scheduling) and more than a $50 co-pay. We need a support group and let moms talk about this and feel BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES! It is nothing to be ashamed of and sweet, kind hearted women get postpartum depression.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is wrong with Rhi? SNAP OUT OF IT, GIRL!!!!!

I am going to vent on my own frustrations of myself for a moment. I am feeling a bit bummed and disappointed in how I've been here lately. I have been so tired, grouchy, irritable, upset, disappointed, depressed, pitiful on myself and this needs to stop. I need to be more positive, see things as I tell my students- that things are half full, not half empty- rather than BLAH BLAH BAH HUMBUG BLAH MUTTER MUTTER BLAH....
Seriously, am I having this bout of feelings due to the weather? Am I feeling trapped by these hills around me? Am I locked into too much day in, day out, same'ole same'ole? I think so...
Yeah, I don't sleep much. Yeah, I have a husband who snores like a different animal angry each night (I love you, though, Wayan), but, I do have a pretty healthy self- a little overweight and out of shape- but I nourish my baby with my body. I have bags under my eyes because I'm so afraid of the unknown with my boy (and because of the hard core snoozing happening with my better half)- but I still have pretty good vision and I'm not ill with anything that can't be cured. I have a pretty good eye for photography and see a vision before I shoot, for the most part. I need to look at things like that and not be so gosh-darn negative and disgusted with myself and the way things are.
I have a healthy baby boy who keeps me up a lot lately. He's so funny and looks so precious the way he army-crawls on the floor, the way he picks foods up with his fingers to eat, the way he holds his sippy cup...I can't get these days back and I need to snap out of this nasty 'things are bad with me' feeling.
Yes- I am going on and on about this. BUT, I have come clean...three friends of mine today pointed out in three occasions that things could be so much worse with EACH of our lives and be blessed for what we have and work to fix things and to hold on to what we have...I have a job (which is hard to come bye) I have a fantastic husband (which is hard to come bye) and I need to be in better spirits with life in general each day...not only for me, but for my baby boy- I can't bare to think how he'd react to such negativity.
So, if I'm being a 'debbie downer'- STOP ME!!!!! REMIND ME that things are much better and to be blessed.
Love you, family and dear friends who have been more than encouraging for me... :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby of MIne...

I love this little man so much. He makes my heart melt! I cannot believe he is turning 10 months old next week... This is a hat from Bali and it looks so adorable with him and his giraffe, Gerry...a gift from his cousins Savannah, McKinley, Will, and Alyssa the day he was born...
Here we are together. I am so blessed to have such a great little man :)

My husband took this one. I am not a fan of photos of me, but, I like this one!

My serious-faced mini man,lol. He wasn't feeling much like smiling this day but gosh he's a doll...

There is nothing like having a baby. It changed my life, for sure. I am so blessed to have this role, as a mother, as God and everyone who knows me knew how hard it was to get pregnant. I am blessed and such a believer that God has a plan for everyone. I may not have any more children but if I do, it will be another sweet blessing. Until then, I will love my little Aiden with the love I am full of and live my life to be the best mother ever.
Aiden, I love you, my sweet honey bun :)

Channa and Andy....

Channa and Andy are getting married this summer (June 4th) and I am certain they will be one of the most stunning couples getting married this summer, anywhere!

Channa and Andy have been together about 6 years and have decided now is the time to 'tie the knot.'

Check this sneak peak out and hope you love these as much as I do (it was cold and rainy when we shot these and I must say, I love these!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

To be 16.....

This lovely lady is turning 16!! I can remember moving into the neighborhood the same time as her family did and remember her being in middle school. OMGaw!!! Time has flown bye and now, we've got ourselves a 16 year old.

Sweet Jette is one of three daughters in this family. Joe, better fight the boys off with a STICK or bat for sure! :)
Jette, I cannot wait to shoot pics at your party!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Pose or NOT to Pose...

I am so happy to be getting into studio photography settings. I find it to be a challenge to pose people- babies, children, families, couples, etc but feel so restricted! Its like you only get certain options for portaits and I struggle with the posing thing, honestly. I want 'natural' looking people and it is a challenge for sure to incorporate 'natural' in front of a backdrop. I find it easier to photograph babies like this as they can't do much or run off on me so fast,lol!!! Goal for baby is the right light and smiles!
I admire the high profile photographers in my hometown area who are so well trained and creative inside their studios and work so hard with making the studio setting flawless and the images they capture 'timeless'. I cannot wait to book a session with one of the wonderful photographers, Paula Goble, to get some wonderful moments of my sweet Aiden that I cannot get on my own in studio setting. Deana Johnson is another amazing baby and children's photographer who is by all means, super talented and creative. Both Paula and Deana are incredible with lighting, editing, and seem to capture the 'timeless' portraits. I know I will never be like them in the studio but hope to be just as amazing in my own aspect and with my own style.
I'm eager to work with a fellow photographer soon on a project that will be AMAZING in all aspects. When it's time to talk more, I'll spill the beans, don't worry,lol!!!! Until then? My lips are sealed.
I have been pondering on this alot lately. I like to title myself as a photojournalistic and lifestyle photographer as I by no means call myself a portrait photographer. I like working with the flow and to get on an image WHO the person is and HOW they are so special the way they are! Can't wait for warmer weather to get outdoors, capture the sun on the skin and go all out! Maybe I'll purchase a vagabond battery for my lights to have battery charged studio lighting on the go- hahah! FREEDOM for ME!!!
I do love studio photogrpahy, don't get me wrong, but I feel so restricted and want to get the 'it' moment that people come for when seeking professional photography.

Until then....I'll work on black and whites and experiment with my newest seamless colors and lighting. I'm also working on editing to create the 'flawless' look so many photographer edit their photographs to get with skin. I'm trying to be as minimal as possible, as I do not want to change a person or alter their appearance in any way. I have incredible editing software but use it only to create effects and more drama. I'm opening my options...takes more time but opening them.
As always, keep on messaging me for details and pricing! Let's get together!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Babies Babies and more Babies

My boy keeps growing up on me...too fast. I know, I know... Its expected. But really? Where has the time gone? He brings such joy to my life and it passes all too fast. Here's few to share of our day in front of the lens

Here are two adorable babies I got the honor of photographing. We had such fun on these days. It is nearly impossible to get time to do this, it seems, as we are all so busy. BUT, this is proof that making time, it can happen! We can get our babies and love bugs in their best element and next month? Time will move on and they will change even more! GOSH! Our babies are growing up!

Birthday Boy!!!! Look at these eyes!

Look at this beauty! She's a Valentine Sweetheart if I've ever seen one! She is such a sweet baby as well...
Lord only knows when I'll have a chance to blog again! Got questions? Message me!
Still doing the Fabulous February special!

And here is my sweet Aiden...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Studio Work...

I have been getting a nice start on the new year, with a in-home studio and with ideas to be even more creative. It's been great getting things going in 2011 with my mini-sessions. For $50, a studio set up with a nice, solid background and with the outcome of pure, simple, sweet photography.

Prices of prints? Cheap! I even have an option of purchasing the CD with the photographs, EDITED, for a great price for you to do what you wish with them! SOOOO, pick one? Pick them all! You could order top quality prints AND buy the CD!

I can't wait for the weather to be better and for it to warm up. But until then, count on the studio for some color-rich and pure photography!

A HUGE THANK YOU to my clients for their business!