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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prayers going out to baby Wyatt

See that sweet face? His name is Wyatt Carcione from Nashville, TN. I grew up with his mother, Amanda, and have known her at least 28 years and she has to be the most wonderful, warm, kind sole around.
Wyatt was born with Polands Syndrome (more on Polands Syndrome at: http://www.polands-syndrome.com/) Please refer to that website as well as her blog (addressed above) for more information on this 'condition' as she put it...
Please, everyone, keep this baby boy in your thoughts, prayers, prayer chains, etc and his parents, Mike and Amanda, so he may be healed and recover to grow big and strong. The facebook world has heard our voices and this AM there are hundreds of people changing their profile pics to this sweet face of Wyatt's in an effort of warm encouragement and to let his family know we love them and pray for strength and the doctors to be the instrument from God to heal. At this moment, he is undergoing a surgery to help him with breathing more efficiently and expell his inhaled air. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are praying for them around the world! Please, check out his mother's blog at http://www.abcintennessee.blogspot.com/ it is incredible and so wonderfully written. As a mother, I can only imagine what she faces and as a mother who's had her own personal battles, I am so weak compared to this unbelievable strengths of Amanda. She is the strongest woman I know and Amanda, I am so proud of you and I love you. You are MY hero and role model-mommy.
We are currently creating a fundraiser in the immediate near future for this incredible little man and his family and it will be a Photography Mini-Session. Angie Goodman and I will be working on outdoor mini-sessions in Prestonsburg while Deana Johnson and Shawna Brown will do studio set up in Pikeville. We've got an amazing team of women working on this and more new will follow! Please stay posted and be ready to contribute! ALL procedes will go to this cause!

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