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Friday, March 11, 2011

Mini-Session Fund Raiser Event for Wyatt's Wishing Well- APRIL 9th!

Well, I am happy to say the group of amazing women that I have been collaborating with in order to come up with a plan to raise assistance and support for sweet baby Wyatt and his family and it is April 9th. Location? I am now at 95% sure it will be at Destination Community Church (aka DCC) here in Prestonsburg. THINGS COULD STILL CHANGE so this is not set in stone (until you see the flyers that will be posted on here, facebook, my website, Deana's site, etc). Unfortunately, I will be there in the beginning to help set up and shoot a few sessions, if possible, go to shoot a wedding a bit of an hour away and then return to hopefully shoot the last bit of the event (and April 9th is my birthday!!!) and this would make a great way to celebrate my birthday :)
Let's pray we can raise enough to make a BIG difference as Wyatt is not out of the woods and we still need to keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.
So here's the information so far:
Wyatt's Wishing Well Fundraising Mini-Session Event
April 9th, 2011 starting at 9am in Prestonsburg, KY
Appointments, please call: Lea@ 606-226-4301 & 606-769-0023
If you cannot attend or do not have a child to be photographed, we will have baked goods for purchase AND graciously take donations towards this fund :)
This is SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!

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