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Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Pose or NOT to Pose...

I am so happy to be getting into studio photography settings. I find it to be a challenge to pose people- babies, children, families, couples, etc but feel so restricted! Its like you only get certain options for portaits and I struggle with the posing thing, honestly. I want 'natural' looking people and it is a challenge for sure to incorporate 'natural' in front of a backdrop. I find it easier to photograph babies like this as they can't do much or run off on me so fast,lol!!! Goal for baby is the right light and smiles!
I admire the high profile photographers in my hometown area who are so well trained and creative inside their studios and work so hard with making the studio setting flawless and the images they capture 'timeless'. I cannot wait to book a session with one of the wonderful photographers, Paula Goble, to get some wonderful moments of my sweet Aiden that I cannot get on my own in studio setting. Deana Johnson is another amazing baby and children's photographer who is by all means, super talented and creative. Both Paula and Deana are incredible with lighting, editing, and seem to capture the 'timeless' portraits. I know I will never be like them in the studio but hope to be just as amazing in my own aspect and with my own style.
I'm eager to work with a fellow photographer soon on a project that will be AMAZING in all aspects. When it's time to talk more, I'll spill the beans, don't worry,lol!!!! Until then? My lips are sealed.
I have been pondering on this alot lately. I like to title myself as a photojournalistic and lifestyle photographer as I by no means call myself a portrait photographer. I like working with the flow and to get on an image WHO the person is and HOW they are so special the way they are! Can't wait for warmer weather to get outdoors, capture the sun on the skin and go all out! Maybe I'll purchase a vagabond battery for my lights to have battery charged studio lighting on the go- hahah! FREEDOM for ME!!!
I do love studio photogrpahy, don't get me wrong, but I feel so restricted and want to get the 'it' moment that people come for when seeking professional photography.

Until then....I'll work on black and whites and experiment with my newest seamless colors and lighting. I'm also working on editing to create the 'flawless' look so many photographer edit their photographs to get with skin. I'm trying to be as minimal as possible, as I do not want to change a person or alter their appearance in any way. I have incredible editing software but use it only to create effects and more drama. I'm opening my options...takes more time but opening them.
As always, keep on messaging me for details and pricing! Let's get together!!!

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