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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh My Gosh, That Sweet Face!

If you couldn't tell, I love my baby boy and adore every facial expression he has. He makes my heart melt into mush and cannot get enough of his sweet slobbery kisses from that little, toothless mouth of his :)

It's a bit late, but here's a super sweet set of photographs I took on Christmas Eve of him by the tree. He was so happy, giggly, and just excited to be there...


Oh my gosh, I feel like I have been re-invented! I am so ready to for 2011. :)
I'm waiting on my website to send me the confirmation to change the URL so I can have a shorter website address (www.rhiannonsukedanaphotography.com is WAY TOOOOOO Long for even me to type, lol).
I am determined to get tons going in this line of work for me. Not for money (my prices are way cheap) but because I LOVE photographing and I LOVE making people happy. Okay, so the little extra money is great and we all can use a little extra cash on the side. I seriously think that with the money I have put into this area of work in the past month, I don't care if I make that money back in portraits just as long as I make people happy and capture memories for them that they can keep. Seriously, a CD with your photographs edited for $150 or less for studio or on location portrait session is not bad for your buck! That is not only time taken to shoot the photographs but time taken in care that the client gets not only edited options but also unedited options. On an average, people can expect around 150 images for practically nothing! And, I even have cheap print prices...in which I am not really out to get profit from the prints, just for the time and processing fees that I pay as well.
See, I am in this for fun, happiness, and excitement. If all goes well, I hope to have enough money saved up for us to at least have daily spending money on our HUGE trip to Bali for our little Aiden to meet the rest of his family come October 2011 as they will have missed over a year of getting to know each other. Thank GOD for Facebook and all the videos and photographs we post for them to see. I cannot wait for that moment they meet their sweet baby grandson!
Enough babbling and talking of my dreams for the moment...
Happy New Year!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Amy is an old friend of mine from high school and with the help of Facebook and running into eachother from time to time in our small town, we were able to stay in touch. I was honored when she asked me to shoot a few of her and her beautiful children for winter photos and the day was cold and snowy! These kids were troopers and wonderfully! Have a look....


Each year, I get to shoot family photos for my brother and his family...which is a BIG family. They are so much fun and my nieces and nephews are hilarious! What's even more fun? To see their Christmas Cards each year with the best/funniest/sweetest shots of them.
My brother and I decided to get a portrait taken of our children (his and his wife's four and my one) and enlarge it in a canvas for our mother for Christmas. Mom is always helping all she can with our children, especially mine as she and my dad watch Aiden every day for at least 3 hours at a time while Wayan and I are at work. I couldn't do it without her, for sure.

Anyhow, this year, the weather did not play well in our favor (snow and frigid cold) and we had to improvise in my house...on my den floor with the light shining in from the sliding door (with help of speedlight to bounce light off ceiling). Here are some of my favorites...

here's me, Wayan and Aiden....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back at it!- Weddings!!

Here are a few shots from the two weddings I did this year, as I got back at it again early Fall, 2010. I only did two as I wanted to take time off, regroup, and enjoy being a mommy (and trying to rest from working my main, full time job at the same time of being a counselor).
The photographs on the top were earlier this month and it was the first heavy snow of the season! The bottom two were October this year, peak of Fall. Both weddings were adorable couples and so sweet. Both weddings had different 'flare' and suited their personalities perfectly. I am blessed to have been able to shoot these special days for them.

Back on the Saddle Again, So to Speak: A look back at 2010

This has been such an amazing, crazy year for me. I have taken nearly a year off from wedding photography and decided to enjoy my pregnancy and adjust to parenthood (let me back up- was pregnant and gave birth to a fabulous baby boy in May of this year, Aiden). It was so hard to be a full time mommy and full time counselor and trying to fit in wife and housework...well, thank GOD my husband is wonderful and helps out so much or else I would have lost my mind, lol!

In 2010, I took time out to enjoy Aiden and photographed him all 7 months he's been here and just this October, I shot my 'come back' wedding, as we called it, and it was such fun! I've also did a winter, snow day wedding in December and a few family portraits since and has given me my own 'Renaissance' for what I want for better and creative photography. I need to do this so I can express my art as well as capture amazing images the best I can for those who come to me for this. This year's earnings will go towards the journey to Bali October 2011 so Aiden can meet his father's family for the first time, as Wayan has not been there in 3 years. There's only so much Skype you can do as it does not totally substitute being there in the flesh with one's family.

Please take a look at the photos I have enclosed of my boy and how he's grown. He's my life, for sure, and so dear to my heart.