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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby of MIne...

I love this little man so much. He makes my heart melt! I cannot believe he is turning 10 months old next week... This is a hat from Bali and it looks so adorable with him and his giraffe, Gerry...a gift from his cousins Savannah, McKinley, Will, and Alyssa the day he was born...
Here we are together. I am so blessed to have such a great little man :)

My husband took this one. I am not a fan of photos of me, but, I like this one!

My serious-faced mini man,lol. He wasn't feeling much like smiling this day but gosh he's a doll...

There is nothing like having a baby. It changed my life, for sure. I am so blessed to have this role, as a mother, as God and everyone who knows me knew how hard it was to get pregnant. I am blessed and such a believer that God has a plan for everyone. I may not have any more children but if I do, it will be another sweet blessing. Until then, I will love my little Aiden with the love I am full of and live my life to be the best mother ever.
Aiden, I love you, my sweet honey bun :)

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