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Friday, April 1, 2011


Yes, that says it all! OH MY GAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
I am so ready for SPRING and I for real cannot take anymore of this NASTY, COLD weather! I am going to go N U T S O here!
While I'm on a funny rampage of feelings this moment, I am so ready to get out of town and long for some different scenery....in the all time WORST way EVER! I need to feel the wind in my hair,  feel the sun on my face, blah, blah, blah- you get the point. I need to not feel smothered by same old (fill in the blank) different day scenarios and feel FREEDOM!!!!!
I am excited for this spring/summer, though. I know there are amazing things in store. I think I've got a very bad case of SPRING FEVER and need to get it under control FAST (I don't know what's up with me capitalizing everything in my blogs this week...I'm feeling very BIG in OPINION I guess, LOL).....
Until then, HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!! I've got to get out and about (with my best Canadian accent) ASAP before I have to be committed or found hovering in a fetal position in the far corner of the shoe isle at the local Walmart, LOL.... yes, I know, it is my fault (sort of) for not going to Huntington since January 2010 or to Lexington KY since early January....Wayan's work schedule is brutal for family life (as he works Saturdays and 2nd shift during the week)...GOD knows we are BLESSED to both have good jobs, just wish we could have more time together. I'd like to see him more than an 1 1/2 of awake time a day....
OK, I digressed..I was talking about Wayan's schedule and how we don't go anywhere...our weekends consist of a Sunday (unless I work a Saturday and off on Monday- that gives us 2 days together) and that day is spent doing laundry, cleaning house, and our weekly grocery store trip....YAWN!!!!
I've done and said enough this blog in thought, through my eyes and mind I am needing some SUN, Warmth, Flat Land, Different Food, and to Enjoy My Sukedana's (Wayan and Aiden)....