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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Babies Babies and more Babies

My boy keeps growing up on me...too fast. I know, I know... Its expected. But really? Where has the time gone? He brings such joy to my life and it passes all too fast. Here's few to share of our day in front of the lens

Here are two adorable babies I got the honor of photographing. We had such fun on these days. It is nearly impossible to get time to do this, it seems, as we are all so busy. BUT, this is proof that making time, it can happen! We can get our babies and love bugs in their best element and next month? Time will move on and they will change even more! GOSH! Our babies are growing up!

Birthday Boy!!!! Look at these eyes!

Look at this beauty! She's a Valentine Sweetheart if I've ever seen one! She is such a sweet baby as well...
Lord only knows when I'll have a chance to blog again! Got questions? Message me!
Still doing the Fabulous February special!

And here is my sweet Aiden...

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