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Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Shot at Boudoir...

I ventured outside of my range of photography this weekend and shot my first Boudoir Session. Need I remind you that the client and I both are not 'kinky' people and I have no desire to shoot provocative style photography. SO, we made this tasteful and classy. It was fun! She had several changes of clothes for this and I experimented with natural lighting, reflector, soft box (without use and with use of strobe flash) as well as using a few other things.
I must say, I am impressed with my idea and the shoot itself. It was comfortable and before the shoot was over, I felt I have known the client all my life!
I am not revealing her name or face, but, she is a wonderful gal and I cannot wait to hear what her fiance thinks!
Here are a couple to share with you from this shoot...

When reviewing these with the client, she was SO HAPPY! She is beautiful and for her to truly see that, I felt my job is done :)

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