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Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy new year!!!!!!!

Seriously, I love capturing all these silly and sweet moment of my son. It's amazing how a baby can grow so quickly!
This new year, I hope for happiness, great health, love, and strength- not only for me, but for my family, friends, and anyone reading this.

I hope that I can teach my son so much this year. He will be hitting more milestones: crawling, first teeth, walking, talking (saying more than 'uh' and 'momomomomom'), and with all things going well, his first trip to Indonesia. I hope I can be the mom I am meant to be and pray each day I can be stronger, more patient, less stressed (with work, etc) and be able to focus on him and our family. I hope to have more time with my friends as I never see them anymore. It is so hard, I know, being a new mother and juggling work, family time, and trying to make it all work and it gets so mind boggling. I have so many friends who are new mothers and to see them so busy, too, makes it harder. For instance, my photog colleague and dear friend also has a baby and he was born only 3 weeks or so after my son. We live 30 miles away and I NEVER see them! Makes me sad. I know she works hard with him, the home, her studio, and is actually able to see her husband (as mine works 2nd shift) and she is worn out too. I miss her...I really do. I hope this year, 2011, our sons will be able to see each other more and that we can get together more- and with our other friends who have babies and play, take pictures, laugh, etc...things moms do now a days....
Happy 2011, everyone! From our home to yours!

(This was a quick photo session with my love bug. I got some studio gear for Christmas and was trying it all out. NOTE: I am NOT a fan of white muslin. Black? Yes...White? Absolutely not. I'm investing in seamless this week.)

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