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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Oh my gosh, I feel like I have been re-invented! I am so ready to for 2011. :)
I'm waiting on my website to send me the confirmation to change the URL so I can have a shorter website address (www.rhiannonsukedanaphotography.com is WAY TOOOOOO Long for even me to type, lol).
I am determined to get tons going in this line of work for me. Not for money (my prices are way cheap) but because I LOVE photographing and I LOVE making people happy. Okay, so the little extra money is great and we all can use a little extra cash on the side. I seriously think that with the money I have put into this area of work in the past month, I don't care if I make that money back in portraits just as long as I make people happy and capture memories for them that they can keep. Seriously, a CD with your photographs edited for $150 or less for studio or on location portrait session is not bad for your buck! That is not only time taken to shoot the photographs but time taken in care that the client gets not only edited options but also unedited options. On an average, people can expect around 150 images for practically nothing! And, I even have cheap print prices...in which I am not really out to get profit from the prints, just for the time and processing fees that I pay as well.
See, I am in this for fun, happiness, and excitement. If all goes well, I hope to have enough money saved up for us to at least have daily spending money on our HUGE trip to Bali for our little Aiden to meet the rest of his family come October 2011 as they will have missed over a year of getting to know each other. Thank GOD for Facebook and all the videos and photographs we post for them to see. I cannot wait for that moment they meet their sweet baby grandson!
Enough babbling and talking of my dreams for the moment...
Happy New Year!!!!

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