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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back on the Saddle Again, So to Speak: A look back at 2010

This has been such an amazing, crazy year for me. I have taken nearly a year off from wedding photography and decided to enjoy my pregnancy and adjust to parenthood (let me back up- was pregnant and gave birth to a fabulous baby boy in May of this year, Aiden). It was so hard to be a full time mommy and full time counselor and trying to fit in wife and housework...well, thank GOD my husband is wonderful and helps out so much or else I would have lost my mind, lol!

In 2010, I took time out to enjoy Aiden and photographed him all 7 months he's been here and just this October, I shot my 'come back' wedding, as we called it, and it was such fun! I've also did a winter, snow day wedding in December and a few family portraits since and has given me my own 'Renaissance' for what I want for better and creative photography. I need to do this so I can express my art as well as capture amazing images the best I can for those who come to me for this. This year's earnings will go towards the journey to Bali October 2011 so Aiden can meet his father's family for the first time, as Wayan has not been there in 3 years. There's only so much Skype you can do as it does not totally substitute being there in the flesh with one's family.

Please take a look at the photos I have enclosed of my boy and how he's grown. He's my life, for sure, and so dear to my heart.

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